A Career in Care

Why work in care and support?


In a recent survey of 1000 + applicants looking to become a care worker, we asked:

“Do you often go home at the end of your shift feeling that you have made a positive difference to someone’s day?”

98.9% said yes

What to look for in a career in care?

In the same survey, we asked:

Which of the following are important to you when searching for a job?

The top five responses were:

  1. 86.5% – Job satisfaction / Making a positive difference to someone’s day   
  2. 67.2% – Training and development opportunities
  3. 60.4% – A good work / life balance
  4. 58.8% – Support from managers and colleagues
  5. 51.7% – Flexibility of working hours

Does this sound like a career for you?


Apprenticeships in Care & Support

If adult social care is new for you, then finding an apprenticeship could be a really good way to discover what it is all about, and become a care worker. As you develop your skills and knowledge, you will find that both your confidence and skill as a care worker grows rapidly.