Application hints and tips

Make sure your job application stands out from the crowd with our hints and tips.

Spell check and grammar check

It is so important to catch any typos or grammatical mistakes. Why not ask a family member or friend to have a look too? This will make sure that you are making the best first impression. 

Fill out all the details 

Make sure you fill out all of the fields on the application form. Missing integral parts out shows a lack of attention to detail and if it is your contact details you miss this could be critical to your application. 

Read the question

It sounds simple but make sure you read the question carefully and give a full answer, covering off what the question is asking you. Try printing off or saving the questions on a separate document and highlighting each part - in this way this should ensure that you provide directed and full answers. 

Be specific

Please make sure that you refer directly to the organisation. It is often very obvious when candidates 'copy and paste' generic answers across applications, particularly if another organisation is mentioned.

Let your personality shine

If you are passionate, the organisation will want to see this jump off the page. There is no problem with being personable but professional and expressing what really excites you about working in care or the organisation.

Avoid bullet points

You could use bullet points in your drafts and notes to jot things down but remember to answer your application in full sentences.