Blank CV template

We've created a CV template for you to use. You can copy the below text into your own word document to create your CV. We hope it comes in useful!



Full Name

Address: <full address including postcode>

Telephone: <include mobile and landline where possible>

Email Address: <full email address – make sure it’s one you are happy for a future employer to see>


Personal Profile

This section should be used to highlight the transferable skills you have obtained from previous roles, and to demonstrate exactly what it is you are looking for in your new role


Career Summary/Previous Experience


When completing your employment history – you should ensure you include information relating to the duties of the role, the responsibilities you held, along with any key achievements. You should look to use this format to discuss your employment history for the last 5-10 years (if applicable), with any other roles simply being listed in the following format, with there being no need to go into further detail:

Earlier Experience:

<Dates to and from* - Job Title – Company Name>


*Please note, you are not required to provide dates but, for some roles, this information may be requested



<Qualification – Dates in education>

In this section, detail the qualifications you have obtained from attending school and/or further education


Training & Qualifications

<Qualification – Dates>

It is likely, during your previous employment, that you will have undertaken courses or attended training programmes. These should be detailed in this section as it not only further illustrates your experience, but also your willingness and commitment to your own self-development


Personal Details

  • Driving Licence?
  • Hobbies and interests?
  • Any other additional skills that may be relevant (for example, IT skills)


Reference Details

Provide the details of 2 referees that would be happy to provide references for you should you be appointed

Ideally, you should include employment references, including from your most recent employer

If you are unable to provide employment references (i.e. because this is your first job), you should include an education reference and/or a professional character reference (e.g. Doctor, rather than a friend or relative).