What to consider if you’re making an application to care and haven’t worked in care before

What to consider if you’re making an application to care and haven’t worked in care before

You have decided to work in care? Great news! But, if you have never worked in care, how is your care application going to stand out?

Don’t Worry!

With these care application tips, you can produce an application worthy of leading you into your first care job.

Read on to see how you can produce a great job application for working in care.

How to apply to work in care without any experience.

Table of contents:

Firstly, check the job description.

Whilst most roles say they recruit based on values, there are things to consider.

Some roles have specific requirements, such as a driving licence, specific qualifications and/or experience. Therefore, check whether you need these before applying.

Thankfully, most roles focus on values-based recruitment.

Consider your values.

Values-based recruitment is recruiting people based on values and behaviour they represent and aligns with the organisational values. People who share these values are likely to put them into practice.

There are 7 qualities needed for working in care that could be seen as the foundation for value-based questions. Find out more about these care qualities.

An example of a value-based question is “Are you passionate about helping others?” Consider this when filling in the application. Furthermore, check the company’s website to find other values. Think about how you demonstrated you have these values.

Another thing to think about is transferable skills and experience.

Any transferable skills and experience?

Despite not having care experience, you should have suitable transferable skills.

Think about things in your life that have provided you with transferable skills.

  • Did you take part in a team project?
  • Did you solve a problem that no-one else could?

If you answered yes to both, these are skills needed for working in care.

Something else to consider is whether you had experience of looking after someone, either through volunteering or within your personal life. This can range from elderly relatives to those with learning disabilities. Some companies ask for experience in a similar environment, so having this can be advantageous.

Before starting your application, we have some final hints and tips for you.

Additional hints and tips

Understand the application process

Before applying, understand the application process.

  • Do you complete a form?
  • Do you send a CV and a cover letter?

This is important as the process may differ between different companies.

Furthermore, note down any contact details, in case you have any questions about your application.

Don’t copy and paste your application

Because the values and experience needed are similar across care companies, it is tempting to copy and paste applications.

However, you need to adapt the application to each company, as different care companies cater for different people. Refer to the specific company in the application as this shows you have researched the company and, ultimately, shown your interest.

Check your application thoroughly

Before submitting your application, check it through. Ensure all the application has been completed, particularly your personal details as the lack of these could impact your application.

Also, check your spelling and grammar, as good spelling and grammar makes a good impression. It is worth asking a friend or relative to check this.

Finally, let your personality shine. Employers want to know about you and your passion about working in the care sector.

We hope you find these application tips helpful. If you follow them, you will be able to produce an application that leads you to a job in the care sector.

We wish you luck!

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