Celebrations in Care

Celebrations in Care

As we reach the end of 2023, care and support employees will be helping the people they support to celebrate the holidays. We wanted to spotlight some of the fantastic employers on our site and what they’re doing.


Ambient have been enjoying some crafting:

Community Integrated Care

Community Integrated Care have created specific Christmas activities on What-To-Do, finishing up with an interactive pantomime:


VSA hosted their annual Best of Care Ball to celebrate the end of the year and raise money for their services:

Friends of the Elderly

Look at some of the beautiful baubles created by the Friends of the Elderly Kidderminster Day Care service:


BeyondAutism have been updating their own Advent Calendar with some incredible crafts from their learners:


HC-One have been enjoying a huge variety of activities across their services:

Jewish Care

Jewish Care have been celebrating the 8 Days of Chanucare:

Somerset Care

Somerset Care have been doing a variety of activities across their services. Somerset Care’s Portcullis House put on a Christmas bingo, raising £793.30 for the Residents Amenities Fund:


Cygnet have spent the end of the year celebrating the people that work for them with their Staff Achievement Awards. Here’s what they had to say:

At Cygnet, it’s been a great end to the year. We’ve achieved a lot of success, becoming one of the largest mental health providers in the UK and our efforts have helped support thousands of individuals to make great progress on their journeys. Looking back, one standout moment that marked this quarter was our annual ‘Staff Achievement Awards’, where we celebrate and recognise our talented staff. It is a fantastic event where we share the stories of the winners and highlight how we improve lives together, every day. ‘Outwood’, in Leeds was our ‘Social Care Service of the Year’ winner, delivering great care to its’ amazing residents. The Outwood team works hard to provide a safe and supportive environment and gives the residents opportunities to live full and interesting lives. Each resident thrives and meets their goals, making the team's work even more rewarding. Well done Team Outwood.

When you’re looking for a job, care organisations’ social media sites are a great way of finding out what makes them special. So don’t forget to start following them as part of your application process and be sure to share your highlights as part of the recruitment process.

Good luck with your festive job search!