Cygnet Health: Cygnet’s Social Care Superpower Stars

Cygnet Health: Cygnet’s Social Care Superpower Stars

Six awesome members of the Cygnet Social Care Team have recently shared inspirational stories about their careers in social care; why they love the job they do and, what they consider their Social Care Superpower to be.

Cygnet’s Superpower campaign highlights the unique qualities that people can bring to a career in social care.

Read, watch, listen and celebrate - the ordinary people with extraordinary skills, bringing unique qualities to Cygnet’s Social Care Services, whilst also making an invaluable, positive difference to the lives of the people they care for.

Meet our Social Care superheroes…

Ollie & Hailey

Ollie has worked in social care for more than 10 years, starting his career as a support worker, and successfully climbing the career ladder to become Manager of The Orchards, Cygnet’s Service in Essex, which supports men with a learning disability or complex needs. Ollie says, the best part of his job is helping people succeed. Describing the qualities needed for a successful career in social care, Ollie said people needed to be “bubbly, fun and able to have a laugh.”  

Watch Ollie’s video to find out what Ollie thinks his #SocialCareSuperpower is

Hailey is one of Cygnet’s Senior Support Workers working at Ranaich House, a residential service in Dunblane, Scotland, which supports adults with learning disabilities and complex needs. She leads on the care and support Cygnet provide to residents. Hailey said she has never looked back after first working for Cygnet as an agency staff member. Talking about the best thing about her job, Hailey describes how helping people meet their goals and build their confidence to live more independently gives her a great sense of job satisfaction. “You can’t get a more rewarding job than a career in social care,” she explained. “It is the best job you will ever have, and you get to make a difference every day. Seeing residents’ faces light up is an absolute joy.” On the attributes needed to thrive in social care, Hailey says you need to be “caring, patient, kind and have a strong appetite to keep learning”.

Discover more about Hailey’s Social Care Superpower here

Next, we meet Pete & Sophie

Pete is a Manager at Devon Lodge Cygnet’s residential service for adults with autism and learning disabilities in Southampton. Pete has been working in social care for 14 years. He said the purpose of working in social care is about “enriching lives” and “making somebody’s life better”. To do that, Pete said, you need to have a “spirit of fun and kindness”.

Find out why Pete thinks his #SocialCareSuperPower is X-Ray Vision here

Sophie is the Manager of The Gables, Cygnet’s residential home for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs in Colchester. For Sophie, the best thing about working in social care is making a difference to peoples’ lives on a daily basis, and, giving them the confidence to start engaging in activities both in and out of the community.

Discover how Sophie uses her #SocialCareSuperpower of Leadership here

Finally, we meet Louise & Jamil

Louise is a Support Worker at Lowry House, a specialist residential service that supports adults with learning disabilities and complex needs in Hyde, Greater Manchester. For Louise, trust, understanding and listening skills are the superpowers you need to thrive in social care.

Louise talks about her Social Care Superpower of Trust here

Jamil is currently a Manager at Walkern Lodge, in Stevenage, one of Cygnet’s residential homes providing outcome focused care for adults with learning disabilities and associated complex needs. Jamil talks about how rewarding a career in social care can be, and describes the caring nature, patience and sense of fun needed to succeed. 

Find out about Jamil’s Social Care Superpower of Empathy here

Cygnet’s Social Care Superpowers campaign has highlighted the incredible people who work across their Social Care Services and who strive every day to make a positive difference to those in need of care and support. The campaign shines a spotlight on their care colleagues and their extraordinary skills that really do make a difference to the lives of those they care for. They are all superheroes, armed with remarkable superpowers - the power to truly transform lives.

Cygnet Social Care Services is part of the Cygnet Group which also provides healthcare services for adults and young people in England, Scotland and Wales. Our expert and highly dedicated social care team of 2945 employees empower 694 individuals across 67 residential, supported living and day services to make a positive difference to their lives. If you think you have a social care superpower to share and you’d like to join the Cygnet Social Care Team - please get in touch, Cygnet would love to hear from you.

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