Next Step Supported Living - Education, Education, Education

Next Step Supported Living - Education, Education, Education

Next Step Supported Living has pioneered an education program that is making waves. Empowering our clients to achieve what they thought was beyond their grasp has created a massive sense of pride and satisfaction for our clients and our teams working closely together.

Wanting to be able to help our clients get into work as and when they are ready was a major goal for our recruitment Manager Travis Thomas, as he developed a “route to work” program he realised just how many had fallen through the cracks of the education system and that gave us the drive and direction to seek out education opportunities for our clients.

Working with local providers to bring the government-funded Maths Skills course MULTIPLY into our services was a major achievement giving our clients a safe space to study whilst also prepping them for further education in colleges when they are ready.

This has been transformative for our clients and support workers as we have seen some fantastic knock-on effects, increased teamwork between clients, confidence building, understanding of how maths works functionally in the world and arming them with the shopping and budgeting skills to help make their own money go further.

Watch an amazing testimonial from one of our amazing clients Brandon; he has learning disabilities and ADHD and can light up any room with his infectious smile. His confidence has grown and his pride in what he has achieved has been amazing to watch. These are life skills he will now have that can help him strive to become more independent.