Welcome to Care and Support Jobs! – an introduction

Welcome to Care and Support Jobs! – an introduction

Welcome to Care and Support Jobs, the career portal with a special focus on providing you with the knowledge about what is involved with working in care, as well as presenting an extensive library of care and support jobs available across England, Scotland and Wales. In addition, Care and Support Jobs offers tips on landing your dream job in care.

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What is Care and Support Jobs?

What is featured on the Care and Support Jobs blog?

What tips and tricks do Care and Support jobs provide about getting a career in care?

What is Care and Support Jobs?

At first glance, Care and Support Jobs looks like a careers library with a wide selection of jobs within care being offered by different companies. This is essentially what Care and Support jobs is. On the jobs page, you can narrow your search by job type (permanent, full-time, part-time etc.), salary range, company name and city. These jobs can range from Care and Support workers to Activity Co-ordinators to Nurses. The list of jobs also includes jobs such as Cooks and Kitchen Assistants, Administrators and Managers and Deputy Managers. By clicking on these jobs, you can apply directly from the Care and Support jobs page.

The other thing you can do is see a list of jobs that a company offers, by selecting that company from the home page. You can also set up email alerts for vacancies from that company. Therefore, you can be kept up to date with the latest vacancies. You never know, you could come across your dream job!

However, it is more than this. Whilst Care and Support Jobs could initially be viewed as a careers library, it is also a careers information portal. Along with a list of jobs within care, there is also a blog page that you can read, providing you with more access to the world of care and support jobs, as well as recruitment guides and career resources.

What is featured on the Care and Support Jobs blog?

The Care and Support Jobs blog is designed to prepare you for a job in care and support. Whilst we do offer articles based on what is happening within the news about jobs within care, the main aim is to provide you with some much-needed knowledge about working in care, and what you might need to know before you embark on your career.

One such example of this is our blog post, Understanding Learning Disabilities, which provides potential candidates with the knowledge about learning disabilities they may encounter if they want to begin a career in care. Other articles include:

·        Dementia – what does it really mean?

·        Career in care for the elderly

These aren’t the only types of blog posts that are available. There are also career guides that could be vital in helping you decide whether a career in care is suitable for you. Such examples include:

·        Qualifications in care

·        Why choose a career in Care over Retail or Hospitality?

We also focus on particular days and weeks when it comes to our blog posts. For example, one of our blog posts was written in line with National Apprenticeships week:

·        Starting a career in care – School leavers

You can read more of our blog here

However, our blog isn’t the only thing that can help you to embark on your dream job in care…

What tips and tricks do Care and Support Jobs provide about getting a career in care?

Apart from our blog, Care and Support Jobs also offers a recruitment guide that can help to prepare you for each step when you start to think about applying for a job in care, from applying to the job to the interview stage. In a section called Recruitment Guides, you will find everything from a Blank CV template to explanations about a standard application process to interview tips.

Very rarely, these types of articles will be within the blog, such as this article about interview questions:

·        8 common interview questions for care workers.

There is also a section on Care and Support Jobs called Career Resources, which has some further information about working in care. This includes information about the different types of care you could be doing, and about being a volunteer.

We hope you find this website useful, and we wish you lots of luck as you embark on your journey into care and support work.

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