Care Qualities

Qualities for Care

Based on the results of a 4 year academic study in to what makes a great care and support worker, Care Character has developed a list of seven Care Qualities that can help you assess whether a career in care matches what you are like as a person.


.. is about communicating effectively with both the person supported by you, and the team that you work with. Great communicators adapt their communication style depending on the target audience, and take care with the detail in communication, for example in plans, reports and handovers. Communication is key to empowering those persons supported by you to ensure that they feel listened to and that they are kept involved in their care.

Think about………

How would you stay motivated to talk with people you are supporting and get to know new people that you meet through your work?


Compassion and Empathy

… is about demonstrating a genuine understanding of feelings and being willing to go the extra mile and exceed expectations in providing care and support to the persons supported by you. With high levels of compassion and empathy you will show an appreciation and awareness for how someone is feeling, while demonstrating a sensitive and tactful approach to the care that you provide.

 Think about………

Consider ways that you could use your awareness of emotions to help people through difficult situations.



… is about understanding what is required to be done within a given time frame and performing work activities in a timely manner. Great care and support workers plan effectively to prioritise work activities and demonstrate effective decision making. This includes punctual time management and arriving on time for work as well as taking on responsibility and picking up unallocated work duties.

Think about………

How could you prioritise your tasks more effectively?



… is about working cooperatively and enthusiastically with others and talking and acting positively to encourage and support all of your colleagues. Great team players actively ask for and give help and advice to colleagues, and are known as reliable, trusted, supportive and inclusive members of the group. 

Think about………

How would you contribute to creating a sense of teamwork, ensuring you work in the interest of people you support?


Inclusivity and Respect

… is about demonstrating an inclusive, dignified, and person-centered approach to the care that you provide. You will promote the independence of the person supported and involve them in their care provision plans – tailoring them to their individual circumstances and backgrounds, working in a manner that acknowledges the different needs each person has, respecting the person supported and their families.

Think about………

How you may apply the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in your work.


Adaptable and Resilient

… is about demonstrating adaptability to events during your shifts as well as picking up extra tasks and shifts when necessary. Great care and support workers remain calm and unflustered in the face of challenges that may arise. Coping under pressure and maintaining an optimistic ‘can do’ attitude is essential, particularly after facing emotional situations during long and often challenging shifts.

Think about………

Care environments can present challenging and demanding moments. How would you show resilience and determination in the face of set-backs?


Procedural Compliance

… is about demonstrating adherence to rules and respecting your employer’s procedures and ways of working. It is also about encouraging colleagues to follow the rules and regulations and hold those to account who breach good practice. Becoming a great care and support worker is about reducing risk and ensuring that care plans for individuals are precisely followed.

Think about………

How could you help others to understand the importance of procedures and policies, and follow them?






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