Sankofa Specialist Care Ltd

Sankofa Specialist Care Limited is a private business which offers and provides residential placement to Local Authorities who are seeking residential placements for Children & Young People aged 7 to 17 years old, of either gender.

At Sankofa Specialist Care we recognize that Children & Young People who become looked after within the care system do so as a consequence of one or perhaps several traumatic experiences and cyclical factors such as; sexual, physical abuse, poverty, mental health issues, domestic violence, substance misuse, neglect and may also experience other challenges and difficulties in routines, structures, guidance, stability, and all this may lead to further disruption and negating behaviours and actions that impact on the healthy development of cognitive, motor and functional skills and therefore the need for a therapeutic environment which supports the positive mental, social and environmental health of all Children & Young People.

Our Vision, “Reflect on the past to cultivate a new future,”
As part of our therapeutic and nurturing approach in working with Children & Young People who have experienced traumatic challenges in their lives, we are of the view that the end of child/young person’s circumstance which has led them to become looked after, does not mean that new beginnings cannot be cultivated. Evidence has shown that tapping into a Child/Young Person’s inner resilience and helping them to identify their emotional resilience can support them to identify strengths and abilities that they may not have been able to see/use previously. With hope, aspiration, love and care, a Child/Young Person can be nurtured to achieve their full potential to develop new beginnings from previously traumatic endings.