Kedleston Group offer specialist residential schooling, specialist day schools and children’s homes across England.

Our schools and homes support children and young people living with social, emotional and mental health problems (SEMH) and specific learning difficulties, which affects their learning and ability to do everyday things. Our dedicated autism (ASC) schools work with young people who are high functioning and have associated needs such as mental health problems, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and learning difficulties.

Our schools follow the National Curriculum and we have a strong educational focus in our schools and homes to give young people the very best start in life.

For many of our young people their previous experience in education has been a negative one, so we aim to offer a positive reintroduction to school alongside a holistic approach, to re-ignite a passion for learning and achieving. They can safely redevelop a sense of identity and belonging in our schools and homes.

Our homes work all year round to provide young people with a caring family environment, many of who will have had previous placement breakdowns and not experience the care and support they deserve. We offer a nurturing approach but also ensure boundaries and structure are in put place to provide children and young people with the ability to learn, flourish and be happy.



The qualities needed to work with us

For a successful  career in care you will need;
passion, imagination and creativity to help children articulate their feelings and emotions in whichever way suits them as well as support their development.
Enthusiasm for your work will ensure children learn to trust you and know that you genuinely enjoy spending time with them.
An excellent ability to communicate and listen with patience, build bonds and remain calm under pressure as well as s good sense of humour are also critical skills for working in care.
Resilience – children can at times test boundaries and authority and can be resourceful in the ways they do this so you’ll need to be resilient, able to think quickly and react in a confident way which always keeps children safe remembering that children will tend to naturally look to adults for leadership in times of crisis.
To support children to succeed you will be an ardent ambassador for them who is non-judgmental and respects diversity.

Key messages

Education and care with family in mind

Working at Kedleston

We put people at the heart of our services.