The Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian church and registered charity, which has been fighting against social inequality and transforming lives for over 150 years.

We express our faith through charitable action by working at the heart of communities across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

We have 12 residential care homes in Older People’s Services and a wide range of activities for older people run at a local level by our churches and community centres.

In our view, later life should be a rich and fulfilling time. It should not be a time when people give up their active lives – on the contrary, it should offer new activity, new experiences and, very importantly, new friendships.

We are looking for employees who have a passion for caring, we will provide you with full training and we will support new employees to achieve qualifications. Unlike other care homes we also provide our employees with a minimum of two hours per week of dedicated development and one to one time with residents.


Our Older People’s Services values

  • We have integrity in everything we do; we are reliable, trustworthy, transparent and honest in our personal and business relationships
  • We are accountable to God in every area of our lives and to others in all our dealings
  • We have compassion for all people
  • We are passionate about unconditionally demonstrating God’s love for everyone
  • We have respect for people and planet; we see God-given potential in every person and we act as stewards of the environment
  • We are bold in proclaiming the gospel in everything we do and in fighting for social justice

Passion and integrity – meet Lynette

And learn about her journey from retail to a career in care.

Residential care homes and older people’s activities

We put people at the heart of our services.