Jane Caress Ltd

After many years’ experience of assisting people to set up and run Direct Payments, Jane Caress commenced trading on the 1st January 2006 with the continuation of this service by assisting people with disabilities or needs to remain living independently within their community by employing their own staff in their own homes, by giving them as much or as little support as each person needs, and by doing so they can live independently in the community leading their chosen life style.

 However due to the number of requests for Jane to become an agency in her own right, and not just to support people in receipt of Direct Payments.  Jane started employing and training her own Support Workers, the business quickly expanded and today we now have six people working in the office which is a furbished outbuilding to the back of her home who support our fantastic team of Support Workers all of whom work with Jane.

 The goal is just as it states in that ‘independence’ should mean just that and disabled/ elderly people are in control of their own lives, yet there is support and assistance available at any time it is required. This includes help for appointees, parents or other authorised people involved with the responsibilities and decisions where there is a person with dementia, learning disabilities or a child with disabilities.

 Therefore, the person who needs the help has the choice as to who they have to assist them, when they are going to arrive and the tasks which they are going to carry out.

 Aims and Objectives

 The aim of our service is to assist people with needs to live independently in the community, especially in the rural areas of North Yorkshire where Service Providers are few, by providing support at the right time at a level that meets the needs of each person, taking into account the importance of maintaining their dignity, privacy and confidentiality.

Our objectives are:

 To provide a high-quality service to enable and assist each person to retain their independence as much as possible and to enable them to remain living at home and as part of the community.

To provide a needs-led service based on each person’s assessed requirements and to ensure that all Support Workers are appropriately trained to meet these needs.To provide and maintain a service which complies and exceeds the 15 National Standards.

To ensure that the needs of each person are paramount with regard to any decisions or activities affecting their care.

To acknowledge the role of the Support Workers as an integral part of our service and to encourage and promote their contribution. And to support them to reach their own goals, whatever they maybe.

To consult with each person and/or their representatives regarding our services and any changes to policy and procedures.