L'Arche Kent

L'Arche Kent was the first L'Arche community to be founded in the UK, in 1974. The community comprises of two L'Arche houses where people with learning disabilities, and assistants, live and share life together. In addition, the community supports twelve people with learning disabilities to live the lives they choose to live, either in their own home or in shared housing.

A vibrant and active gardening group called the ‘Glebe’ grows plants that we sell to the public on the high street in Canterbury; while our craft team makes beautiful handmade candles, rugs, greetings cards and other artisan products.

In L’Arche Kent we believe that everybody – people with learning disabilities, assistants and Community friends – have need of one another.

We all have something to give to, and to receive from, one another. Often this involves doing small, simple, day-to-day things: going for walks, having a cup of tea, or just spending time together.

We organise monthly Community Gatherings, days of reflection, celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries, parties, retreats, and pilgrimages.  We value our relationships with our neighbours, parishes, families and friends.