Belvedere Care Limited

Belvedere House has been a family run residential care home for over 20 years and is situated in the beautiful historic fishing town of Tenby, Pembrokeshire.

Belvedere House is home to 19 residents and comprises of a large 19th Century house that has been extended and modernized to meet the needs of our residents. All rooms are furnished and decorated to a high standard. Rooms may be personalised by the residents and their family and friends to create a more familiar and homely environment.

Dementia Care

We provide day, respite and long term care for individuals with all stages of dementia. Each person is assessed for current and potential on going care needs prior to admission to ensure that we can provide the level of care required for the individual. Time is taken with the individual and their relatives and friends to build a personal history to ensure that we compile a complete picture about the person and their life. This allows care staff to deliver person centered care and build meaningful bonds with the individual.

We continuously review and update our home to ensure that we create and maintain a dementia friendly environment. Clear and pictorial signage is used around the home to help individuals to remain independent and locate facilities within the home. All exits are locked and have restricted access via staff members only. We have a secure outside space to allow freedom to roam and enjoy our mature gardens. We have well established links with the local community mental health teams who provide support, advice, and guidance as required. All staff receive core dementia training, this is built upon by specialist dementia training delivered by a practicing Psychologist. This specialist training is refreshed annually and covers different aspects of dementia care and practice, we have been awarded annual certificates of excellence for dementia care delivery.

Mental Health Needs

Other than dementia care, we also have experience supporting individuals with other mental health needs such as depression and anxiety. As part of our care plan and needs assessment process we record triggers and plan how best to support the individual in conjunction with the GP and the community mental health teams.

Reduced Mobility

The home has been adapted to allow individuals to move throughout the home independently or with assistance if required. The home has a passenger lift and stair lift to provide access to the first floor. Staff have regular people handling training to ensure that aids and equipment are used correctly and safely. We assess each individual’s mobility needs at least monthly to ensure that current and potential on going mobility needs can be met, specialist advice is sought from the community physiotherapists if additional input is required.

Sensory Loss

Dual or single sensory loss is a common factor of old age. We support individuals to attend audiology appointments and maintain the hearing aids provided. Senior staff are trained how to maintain hearing aids and ensure that they are functioning well. Regular home visits from Vision Call (Ophthalmologists) occur throughout the year, ensuring that all individuals have access to annual sight tests and replacement of glasses as required. Vision Call will refer individuals on to specialist ophthalmology services within Hwyel Dda Health Board if any concerns are raised, they can also arrange for registration for individuals with full or partial vision loss. Individual care plans are tailored to reflect the individual’s sensory loss, and the home’s environment is regularly reviewed to identify and improve areas that may pose risk to individuals with sensory loss. All staff are required to complete training on effective communication, this includes communication where there is sensory loss.

Continence Needs

We work with the specialist continence nurse to ensure that continence assessments are carried out for those that require specialist continence aids. We continue to review and monitor effectiveness and develop care plans to sensitively manage continence needs and promote the dignity and independence of individuals.

Social Isolation

We encounter many individuals where social isolation is their biggest need. A communal living environment can be a very daunting experience. We work with individuals to identify ways how to overcome the anxiety and concerns relating to a residential care setting. We welcome any interested person to visit the home unannounced. In addition we offer for them to spend time in the home as a visitor to enjoy a meal or join in with an activity to allow them to experience the surroundings before making a decision about residency or day care.

Following admission, we take time to get to know the individual and allow them to set the pace of integration into home life. We understand that some people are ready to mix socially sooner than others. Each person we care for is given freedom of choice in how they spend their day.  

Specialist Dietary Requirements

Our kitchen can cater for all specialist dietary requirements including food allergies and intolerances, diabetic or low sugar, fortified, soft and vegetarian and vegan diets.  Meals are prepared fresh every day and kitchen staff liaise with individuals regarding their tastes and preferences.  Our kitchen currently holds a 5 star rating from the Food Standards Agency. All staff are provided with food hygiene training, many achieve their level two in food safety. Good nutrition and hydration is a focus of our care provision and care staff have access to prepare food and drinks for individuals at all times of the day and night.

End of life Care

We acknowledge the importance of supporting each individual’s right to choose to die at home and receive excellent end of life care. With support from the individual, their family, their GP and the District Nurses we plan in advance to support these wishes within the home.