Warrington Borough Council - Families and Wellbeing

Families and Wellbeing provide a holistic offer of services to Warrington residents from birth onwards. This includes support for learning and achievement, children's and adult's social work services, public health, neighbourhoods and housing, and contracts and commissioning.

Intermediate care services support individuals over the age of 18 to recover, regain independence, and remain at home. The team provides a period of assessment to work with residents of Warrington to achieve goals and aspirations whilst living a healthy and balanced life. Intermediate Care comprises of Occupational Therapy Staff, Physios, Nurses, Reablement Support Staff, Social Workers and Community Care Workers who all work together to support people in Warrington. Intermediate care services are usually provided by a mix of health and social care professionals with a range of different skills.

Intermediate care may help people:

  • Remain at home when things start to get challenging or difficult
  • Recover after a fall, accident, acute illness or operation
  • Avoid going into hospital unnecessarily
  • Return home more quickly after a hospital stay
  • Signposting support

Intermediate care at home and reablement are short term services that aim to support and encourage individuals who have experienced a change in their circumstances.

The focussed approach is to become as independent as possible within their own limitations. After an assessment is completed the team can work with individuals to regain skills and build confidence. The types of support available are: personal care, meal preparation, continence care, mobility, medication support.