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Using the careandsupportjobs platform, we are able to offer employers a number of solutions to help them reach out to those seeking a career in care.

Care Character


Psychometric test specifically designed for the care industry

Recruitment Services

A full recruitment service for job in care and support.

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Use to promote your employer profile and job roles

About Care & Support Jobs

Care & Support Jobs was built to demonstrate the many career opportunities available in Care. We wholeheartedly believe in the Care sector as one where anyone can flourish and build a successful Career. Our site helps to meet the demands of the Care sector as we progress towards a future where we live longer. With all of the information and resources we provide – we intend to help recruit a diverse workforce into one of the most rewarding sectors in the UK. We aim to:



Motivate all those we come into contact with to consider a career in Care and Support.


Recognise the potential of a career in Care.


Work to involve people in Care, so that they can experience the industry themselves.

Funded by the right people

Care & Support Jobs is funded and maintained by Cohesion Recruitment, a recruitment company specialising in recruitment outsourcing within the Care sector.


Built on experience

We actively encourage those invested in the Care sector to get involved. If you would like to get involved with Care & Support Jobs, please contact us

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