Rewards & Benefits

There are so many reasons for working in Care – not just the rewards and benefits that you receive along the way.


Making a Difference

The satisfaction payback of working in Care is huge. You can make a real change to someone’s life, and see how they develop over time with your support.

Your support is invaluable when working with people who need high levels of care. With high quality, focussed and respectful care, you will ensure that they retain their dignity and independence wherever possible. As rewards go, turning a difficult day in to a better one for someone is right up there.


Flexible Working

Whether you need a role built around school hours, or you simply prefer working certain shifts – the flexible working opportunities provided by the Care sector could suit your lifestyle need.

Many care employers are trying to be more flexible with suitable shifts, so make sure that you ask if your ideal shift pattern is available.



Salaries start at about £15k per year and can reach up to the £25k for experienced Care and Support Workers. There are a lot of opportunities for progression and, if you’re ambitious and are prepared to work hard, then your salary will improve.

Many employers run benefit schemes for staff – rewarding hard work and commitment.


Support Network

Whether you’re just beginning your career in Care, or you have years of experience – you’re always surrounded by a caring support network. You have to option to work on your own, or as part of a team – whatever you’re most comfortable with. You never need to worry that you’re on your own when you work in Care.


On-the-job Training

Through working in Care – you’ll receive a number of nationally-recognised qualifications. You can develop your skills, and learn whilst on-the-job.

Read about Nicholas who started working as a housekeeper in a care home, is now a registered manager, and is currently studying for a Master’s degree in dementia.


Personal Development

You don’t just develop as a professional – you develop as a person, too. On a daily basis, you’ll be providing stand-out Care to all who depend on you. By giving them the support that they need, they’ll develop and flourish. You’ll grow as a person, picking up transferable skills along the way.