Roles in Care

Working in care is very rewarding, but we can use different job titles which you may not have come across before. The best way to learn more about a role is to read the job advert or speak to the organisation, but here are some roles we’ve picked out as an overview.

What is a Carer?

A carer, also referred to as a care assistant and care worker, is the first role you think of when considering working in care. Carers work directly with the individuals accessing care services, doing a large variety of tasks.

What is a Senior Carer?

A senior carer is the next step up from a carer; you will not only work with those being cared for, but you may also oversee and monitor other care workers. Care providers usually support Senior Carers to achieve qualifications to support you in your role.

What is a Support Worker?

A Support Worker is similar to a Carer however is the term usually associated with support services such as Learning Disability Supported Living services or Children’s settings. In this role, you will support someone to be independent, but it may include caring duties too.

What is a bank or relief worker in care?

Bank workers within care refer to a group of people available to be called in whenever needed. You don’t have fixed hours but might be called to cover shifts or holidays. It’s a great contract if you’re looking for flexibility as you can choose when you want to work.

What is a Waking Night Support Worker?

A waking night support worker hints at its role in its name; you stay up during the night to support others if they need you. Sometimes night roles are not ‘waking’ and you will have access to facilities so that you can rest on-site and awake when needed.

What is a Reablement Support Worker?

A reablement support worker focuses on helping individuals learn and re-learn skills to help someone become as independent as possible.

What is an Activity Coordinator?

Activity coordinators help to organise social and leisure activities in care homes. This role is creative, as you need to consider having activities that aren’t too simple but that everyone can engage with.

What is a Project Worker?

Project workers are like support workers, but also focus on helping individuals live as normal a life as possible.

What is a Peripatetic Manager?

Peripatetic managers are one person who oversees multiple services in an organisation, sometimes leading where there isn’t a permanent manager.

What is an Admiral Nurse?

We thought we’d include this one as an example of a very specific role you might see advertised in nursing care. An admiral nurse is a registered dementia-specialist nurse. They get a lot of support from Dementia UK to keep up to date and help people with dementia.

What is a Domestic Assistant?

A Domestic Assistant is involved with support services and can include cleaning and catering. You will be working alongside those accessing care services however you don’t tend to deliver hands-on care or personal support.