The Application Process

As a sector, we want you to find applying to jobs in care and support easy and supportive.

There are a number of steps we follow during a recruitment process, but this is to make sure you're right for us - but just as important - that we're right for you!

The recruitment process will differ between care providers, so be sure to understand the process for the organisation you're applying for and how you can do your very best.

If you're not sure what you need to do, contact the organisation - typically a Recruitment or HR team, or service or home directly. 

 Here's what you might expect from a recruitment process within care and support:

  1. You may be asked to apply online or complete an application form.

  2. If you don't receive confirmation from the organisation that they've received your application - be sure to follow up. This shows you're interested - which makes all the difference.

  3. The next stage may involve a telephone interview or discussion to discover your motivations and understanding of the role. Have a look at the organisation's website beforehand, and talk about what you can bring to the role.

  4. Following this, you are likely to be invited to a face-to­-face or virtual interview. Sometimes that will involve meeting the people you would be caring for or supporting if you're successful - so be sure to make a good impression!

  5. Be sure to follow up after the interview to find out if you've been successful. If you're not right for this organisation be sure to ask for feedback so you can use this for your next application into care. 

  6. You'll need to complete pre-employment checks to safely work in care. This will typically include providing references and completing a criminal record check. Some of these checks can take a little longer - but don't let this put you off! Be sure to check in with the organisation to see if you can help with chasing your references, and for updates on your DBS application.